Our Mission

SBS Distribution isn't just a business entity—it's a dedicated network that serves over 1000 dealers and retailers! Designed with the intent to offer a diverse portfolio of superior products to our wholesale/retail clients, all without sacrificing quality.

Our primary objective is to cater to the unique needs of local and non-local brick-and-mortar stores through our expert procurement and distribution methods.

Our philosophy at SBS Distribution extends beyond the provision of our extraordinary product selection—it's rooted in the understanding that customer relationships and exceptional service quality are paramount. As such, we invest in forging strong relationships and partnerships with our suppliers and brands directly. This approach ensures the success and growth of our company as well as enable us to provide an unparalleled shopping experience to our customers.

Our professional team of buyers diligently stays updated with the newest trends and developments in e-commerce, allowing us to maintain a leading edge in terms of aesthetics, navigation, speed, and security. In essence, we offer more than just excellent products, services, and advice. We commit to a long-term relationship that feels like family, delivering a holistic understanding and satisfaction of your needs. This commitment is the SBS Distribution promise.